How to effectively get out of the debt spiral?

I have four payday loans for a total of USD 15,000, two consumer loans for USD 20,000, and I am behind with installments for a TV set and fridge.

I took two more payday loans to repay one loan, I keep extending it and the money for repayment is already lacking – only saving me another loan … Sounds familiar?

Order must be

Order must be

Contrary to appearances, it is the simplest things that most often allow you to achieve your goal. Where to start, however? It is best to write down all current financial obligations and to summarize for each of them how much has been paid off and how much you still have to pay back.

Also remember to carefully calculate your monthly revenues – it will depend on how all payments will be settled. However, let this not be a hard rule – it is worth looking for additional forms of income to improve your financial situation and thus facilitate the repayment of debts.

Mediation, time, start!


Mr. Karol is in arrears with all payments. His company has a worse time and has ceased to prosper as it once did, and is in danger of going bankrupt. A few months ago, he stopped paying off his consumer loan, and debt collection companies and debt collectors are starting to knock on the door. The situation seems to be lost, but this is only an apparent impression. Many give up at this stage. Now the most important is the willingness to repay the commitment – that’s half the battle!

Mediation is the next key element. Is one of the most effective methods for resolving financial conflicts between the debtor and creditor. First of all, it is a fast and cheap way, thanks to which it is possible to negotiate more favorable conditions for repayment of financial liabilities, or even to write off part of the debt or interest.

You can try to negotiate yourself, but the best in this role will be specialists in restructuring or mediators who professionally deal with this type of case and know what rights are owed to debtors. Therefore, the basis for effective mediation is legal knowledge, and as you know – a bank or other loan company may use Mr. Karol’s ignorance so as not to settle. After all, they want to get their money back as soon as possible.

Stop tolerating your debt and take control of it

Stop tolerating your debt and take control of it

Do you want to get rid of debts, but the bank does not agree to your repayment terms? You can entrust your case to our specialists. They will take care of it with due diligence and negotiate very favorable conditions for you – tailored to your financial situation – which will allow for convenient repayment of liabilities.

Go to the online store and add the mediation service to the cart. After the purchase, our specialist will contact you and discuss the terms of cooperation.

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